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Join the fastest growing AI ecosystem for data, tools, models and experts
Reduce the cost and effort of your AI projects by up to 90%
Launch your AI journey now
All AI journeys begin with Data. Often, they end before they begin, owing to the lack of data!
Make the most of all available resources
Don’t just pay for the hype
Build and consume AI solutions in less than a day
At Witsy we enable you to source and prepare data. To create, test and deploy AI models.

10X faster execution

10X optimized cost

10X more productivity

  • All you need

    Solve problems with AI, using one tool instead of a piecemeal of many.
  • No infrastructure hassles

    Witsy integrated workbench handles infrastructure through AI lifecycle. Allowing you to focus on solving your problems.
  • End to End lifecycle management

    Source and prepare data to then train and create production ready AI models.

How Witsy works

Why Witsy ?

Witsy is a cloud-based Data and AI enablement platform that allows you to source and prepare training data to then build and deploy your own deep learning models. With you in your journey to being an AI superstar.
Our vision is to make AI accessible for solving a wide range of problems, at any company, in any industry and the world in large. We invite you to join us in making AI completely operational with our cloud-based, easy-to-use platform.

Know more about Witsy

What’s good about Witsy

Start from the beginning

Start from the beginning

Unlike most AI platforms we realise most users need help with data. Witsy Data Workbench enables not just with internal data sourcing but more importantly with external data sourcing, to be utilized for AI.
Unprecedented speed

Unprecedented speed

Fast track through the full development cycle, from data to deployment, on one web-based platform.
Everything in one place

Everything in one place

An integrated visual development environment for machine and deep learning.
Built for collaboration

Built for collaboration

A platform built to collaborate, control and trace every step of AI solution development lifecycle.
Free to start

Free to start

Costs you nothing to get started. Thereafter a flexible credit based model allowing you to spend on elements you wish.


No minimum billing
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Register and get your $11 worth of monthly FREE credits.

$99 minimum billing
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Register and top up with minimum $99 monthly credit to use across platform.

Fixed Monthly Billing
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Contact us to design your custom workspace.


Usage based billing

Use your subscription credits where you want, How much you want, As long as you want.

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Our Journey

Jan 2019

Founded in London

Dec 2019

SEED investment closed from

Jan 2020

Launched Webgrinder

Feb 2020

Joined WAYRA London 2020 cohort

June 2020

Launching WITSY Sales intelligence platform


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